The Power of Face Reading is the updated and international version of Mac Fulfer’s original book titled Amazing Face Reading, which has sold over 85,000 copies.

Make better connections
with anyone in the world
by learning how to read faces

The Power of Face Reading is the most comprehensive, easy to-use book on face reading available today. Author Mac Fulfer takes face reading out of the realm of the mysterious and makes it fun and easy for you to understand more about the people you encounter—no matter who you meet or where you are in the world.

This book is not about interpreting facial “expressions”—it’s about learning to read the stories that a person’s face can tell. Using a unique approach that combines both “genetics” (the face you were born with) and “epigenetics” (the way life events alter facial features over time), this book helps you understand others better, allowing you to make a stronger connection with anyone anywhere.

Superbly illustrated and organized like an encyclopedia, The Power of Face Reading guides you through all you need to know about reading faces. The approach shared is so easy to learn that you can put this how-to guide to use and begin reading faces within minutes of opening it up.

Click here to watch Mac demonstrating his face-reading techniques!

“Every face is a story waiting to be read. By embracing the straightforward, easy-to-learn methods shared in this book, you too can change the way you see and interact with others—both professionally and personally.”

— From the foreword written by
Brenda Bence, MBA – Global Executive Coach, International Keynote Speaker, Author

The Power of Face Reading includes:

  • 275 illustrations
  • Clear explanations of what each facial feature means
  • Personality profiles to provide insight into every person you meet
  • Sample readings to learn Mac’s step-by-step face-reading approach
  • A useful checklist to help you read faces immediately
  • A fun face reading quiz to test yourself

Here is just a sampling of some of the new face reading information shared in The Power of Face Reading by Mac Fulfer:

  • “Reading Personality Profiles” including signs for how to understand if someone is a talker, a thinker, a provider, a risk-taker, a hard worker, competitive, sensitive, intuitive, logical, a perfectionist, detail-oriented, needs to be in control, and secretive.
  • In “The Flow of Face Reading,” Mac shares his recommended order for reading a face, starting with how we take in information, then moving to how we process it, how we manifest the process, and how we express our reality.
  • Q&A with author Mac Fulfer on the topic “Is There any Scientific Basis to Support Face Reading?” Mac explains such fascinating concepts as mirror neurons, reality as a perception, zombie programs, genetic programming, and epigenetic alterations.
  • Intriguing new sample readings are included of two of history’s most powerful historical figures: Genghis Khan and Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • Detailed step-by-step checklist for easy searching reference.
  • Updated features and descriptions based on Mac’s latest face reading learnings.
  • New preface by the author, explaining how he first discovered face reading, the tremendous impact that face reading has on both the face reader and the recipient of the face reading, suggestions for how to start into face reading, and how reading someone’s face creates an immediate connection.
  • New foreword by Brenda Bence, Global Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker, who shares the impact that Mac’s face reading approach has had on her business and her life.
  • All language and examples are internationalized for ease of reading.

Author and lawyer Mac Fulfer sits at the global forefront of modern face reading.  Having first learned to read faces as an aid in jury selection, Mac has since spent the last 25 years as a professional face reader, reading tens of thousands of faces during that time.  Mac has spoken professionally at more than 3,000 events for such well-known organizations as Samsung, Disney, Nokia, American Airlines, and the Young Presidents’ Organization.  He’s taught and qualified more than 100 Certified Face Readers to carry on his legacy and to spread his awe-inspiring genetic and epigenetic face-reading approach around the world.

Mac’s original book, Amazing Face Reading (on which this international version is based), was first published in 1994 and has been reprinted nearly two-dozen times.

Everyday applications for face reading include:

  • Improving both work and personal relationships
  • Interviewing and hiring the right people
  • Team-building
  • Negotiating better
  • Coaching, counseling
  • Finding the right job
  • Increasing sales by identifying “buy” signals
  • Identifying better business partners
  • Reading your audience when presenting

Here is just a sample of what readers are saying about The Power of Face Reading:

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